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New neighbourhood restaurant to replace Two Cats Kitchen


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What they say:

Warstone Lane has a new surprise in store this Autumn in Birmingham in the shape of Grit as they take over the Two Cats Kitchen space. Bringing a new restaurant concept to the Jewellery Quarter, not only has Canadian chef Graeme Jackson come up with hardy dishes the likes of Iberico pork shoulder at £8 and Italian fennel sausage for just £5, they're hanging on to a few members of Two Cats staff in the meantime. 

What we say:

Two Cats Kitchen had quite the eye for interesting plates, and while we're sad to see them go due to trading conditions, a new restaurant is never a sore sight for eyes in Birmingham. With their leaning towards comfort dishes, not only are we expecting Grit to really reflect the city's want for hearty food, we like that their stance leans towards being neighbourhood friendly, as that's what this city is all about.