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Rendezvous with Asian funk fusion at Rofuto


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What they say:

Sushi and stunning views will run rampant at the Asian funk fusion eatery, opening April 26 at the Regis Park Tower, Rufuto. Set on the 16th floor of the hotel complex's newest high rise addition, diners can enjoy 360 panoramas of Birmingham alongside delectable and unique takes on traditional Eastern fare and cocktails.

What we say:

Boasting a palpable coolness due to its roots as a traditional Japanese wine, dine, and unwind destination, Rufuto will take patrons on a culinary journey through the East without ever leaving the city. With an expansive birds-eye view acting as backdrop to the dining room, a seven-metre-long yakatori grill and bar, and a designated theatre space, consider it to be an exotic jade amongst the sea of the same old, Asian eateries.