New bar spy - The Birmingham Stable

No need to be sour-dough, as Birmingham gets a brand new pizza restaurant on John Bright Street

The Birmingham Stable

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What they say:

Hailed by founder Richard Cooper as 'casual dining at its best', Birmingham's inane lack of pizza restaurants may have a new competitor on their hands in the shape of The Stable. A wholesome brand, born of a dilapidated 19th century stable block back in 2007, The Stable has embarked across the UK, bringing locally sourced pizza and sought after ciders with them. Coming a cropper in a once barber on John Bright Street, The Stable is set to bring the Brummie crowd a dose of true rustic dining, and hand crafted palate pleasers.

What we say:

While rumours of a 'Bullring Pizza' and 'Balti Pizza' may seem like horse play from the Stable brand, it's right about time that Birmingham's pizza patrons had a new contender. Looking to stay humble across the board with hand-made sourdough and locally sourced ingredients, The Stable could really strike a chord with those looking to try something different in Birmingham, and especially those that enjoy the rustic keynotes of restaurant interiors today.