The Rose Villa Tavern - Pub Review

By Katie Kirwan.

A traditional pub meets trendy quirks, The Rose Villa Tavern is a cool and contemporary pub in the Jewellery Quarter. From antler chandeliers to multi-coloured up-cycled pub furniture, The Rose Villa Tavern is a hidden gem in amongst the throngs of Jewellery Shops in this historic district.

The Venue

Whilst the venue is split between two floors, the downstairs pub and artist garden snug to a private function room upstairs, it's the lower level that's really had some premium attention paid to it. Refusing to deny the pub its original stain glass windows and emerald tiling, The Rose Villa Tavern has retained Edwardian charm yet boosted those decorations up a notch. Vintage leather armchairs, antler chandeliers, custom wallpaper and rich dark wood features made this pub feel like Ikea's worst nightmare in the very best of vintage ways.

Pubs in Birmingham need pay attention to the simple alternatives that The Rose Villa Tavern have taken to make this venue so unique. 

rose villa tavern review pub birmingham

There are trendy quirks hidden all about lodge-esque pub, The Rose Villa Tavern. 

The Drink

Considering that I couldn't remember the last time, or any time, that I had a cocktail in a pub enviroment, I chose to dabble in just that. Sticking close to home with one of their classic cocktails, a mojito, I was pleasantly surprised. Not wanting to think that my drink would be packet cocktail friendly, I was so happy to see the bartender adhering to strict codes of cocktail bars in Birmingham, and making my drink from scratch. Though not as quick as pulling a pint i'm sure, The Rose Villa Tavern makes sure that all drinks are served to the highest of standards. A high standard that I was surprised to see set me back a mere £4, with cocktail happy hour lasting between 4 and 7pm.

If it's grub you're hankering for, I was amazed that The Rose Villa Tavern's selection of hearty chow and internationally inspired dishes from American burgers and hot dogs to fish and chips; And what with two for one offers on all week, the stuff's darn pocket friendly too!

rose villa tavern cocktails pub birmingham

From classic cocktails and locally brewed ales to delightfully robust burger buns, The Rose Villa Tavern stocks a great selection. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Brimming with young students and Birmingham's cool and creative crowd, you'd be surprised at how relaxed and inviting The Rose Villa Tavern really feels. It may look like any student night in Birmingham but The RVT promises a cosy pub atmosphere and simmered down air that encourages anyone and everyone to leave their arrogance at the door. Predominantly quite quiet on weekdays, this Birmingham boozer maintains its friendly and welcoming charm any day of the week but really gets giddy come sundown.

rose villa tavern review birmingham

It's chipper attitudes all round at The Rose Villa Tavern as locals and young indie patrons unite. 


If you want great drinks in a great pub surrounded by a great enviroment, then I couldn't recommend this place more than I already have. Twisting the arm of traditional pubs and forcing it into a quirky yet happy position, The Rose Villa Tavern has to be my favourite pub in the Jewellery Quarter so far.