The Victoria - Bar Review

By Katie Kirwan.

A diamond in the rough, The Victoria is a hidden gem in amongst the back streets of Birmingham. Brimming with creative commissioned pieces and vintage oddities, this bar in Birmingham is just the place to indulge and feed that create little monster you've been harbouring. 

The Venue

Host to two venues, including a 100 man strong gig venue, it was the downstairs bar that took our fancy and caught us hook, line and sinker. From vintage lampshades and ceiling lights made from bowling hats to locally commissioned pieces of art, The Victoria may retain a traditional pub feel, yet that have managed to cultivate a landscape of cool ARTifacts and clever pieces that keep your peepers on the dizzy. Whilst relatively small for a pub, The Victoria make up for their size with style and panache.

the vic review 1

Just the right amount of traditional come quirk, The Victoria is a place to indulge your creative side.

The Drink

Whilst the venue may have given off a slight air of traditional Victorian boozer, there's nothing traditional about The Victoria's drinks menu. From chilli based treats for strong and adventurous souls to the classics, The Victoria are host to a surprising amount of cocktails that you might not first expect. Being the chilli sissy that I am, the Mojito was my target and boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised; the trick to great cocktail making is a mastery of the classics and The Victoria have this ticked off their skills list.

Pottering about, I noticed that not only are The Victoria listed on Birmingham's Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) but they're host to craft beers, international bevvies and guest ales alike. Now i'm no lady of beer, but by the looks of it, any fan of beer and ale will be pleasantly surprised by what's on offer at The Victoria. 

the vic blog 2

The Victoria pride themselves on their extensive collection of unique drinks, and rightly so.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

We were pleasantly surprised to find that The Victoria was a bustling hubbub of Birmingham locals and out-of-towners alike on a Tuesday night; and although finding a seat was like a monstrous game of musical chairs, there's something about The Victoria that leaves little fuss when it comes to perching your bottom on a chair. Brimming with Birmingham's young and quirky, The Victoria is clearly a local hangout for the city's early 20's crowd, which could all be owed to their inventive decor and independent attitude. 

the vic blog 3

A busy boozer any day of the week, The Victoria is young, fun and lively. 


The Victoria is a great and rowdy retreat for those a little woeful with the Birmingham clubbing scene. It's most definitely a venue that owes a lot to its independent nature and unique decor, which by the looks of a Tuesday night, clearly keeps Birmingham's young and cool coming back for more.