Bacchus Bar - Pub Review

By Katie Kirwan.

Tucked away beneath the feet of Birmingham New Street shoppers sits a treat of a watering hole, a little less than known to the general public. Classed as one of Birmingham's best kept secrets, Bacchus Bar is a cool and quirky pub in Birmingham with a Medieval twang that sets tradition on fire.

The Venue

I admittedly got lost when I first went larking about after Bacchus, but after a few hidden steps beneath a city hotel I found this quirky venue much to my surprise. Set across a single floor with raised seating platforms throughout, it's not the layout that impresses, it's the decor. 

From areas fit for banqueting king and queens to thrones sitting behind throngs of iron bars, I was spoilt for choice when it came to where to sit. Nestled by the bar so that I could observe and take in this incredible space, I was amazed by the detail gone into making this a replica of any basement Medieval pub, with velvet curtains and candelabra's stocked by the dozen.

bacchus review 1

Every little detail has been considered in Bacchus Bar, from book shelves to period features

The Drink

Whilst many drinks may come as no surprise on a menu in Bacchus, it's their persistence in local beverages that impresses. Catering to a local ale and beer hungry crowd, you'd be surprised to find any beverage on their pumps twice. Giving their punters the opportunity to try something new on every visit, it's this service that makes Bacchus so enticing. Sourcing their ales from all over the UK, Bacchus are proud of their British heritage that continues to shine in their surroundings.

This Spring? It's Hoptimus Prime (yes!), Foxy Blonde, York Chocolate Stout and more. But don't expect them all to stick around until Summer.

bacchus review 3

Bacchus Bar is a secret den of cool and unique in a bustling city surrounding. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele

What's so great about the atmosphere in Bacchus? How well it reflects its cosy and broody surroundings. With its low ceilings and dim lighting, Bacchus really have generated a place that's relaxed and comfortable, making it a perfect enviroment for simmered down Sunday pints. 

So who's going there then? From what I could see, Bacchus Bar is brimming with the city's after work crowd looking for the perfect hideaway for their evening drink. Though Bacchus does invite young and inquisitive visitors looking for something a little different in Birmingham, it's easy to see why this venue is more popular with the mature crowd. 

bacchus review 2

With its low lighting and relaxed atmosphere, Bacchus Bar is perfect for after work drinks. 


Bacchus Bar is definitely a sight to be seen. Everything about this place had me flickering from left to right hoping to take it all in. I was a little disappointed that my noble stead wasn't waiting to take me home, a train was, but it was nothing to detract from the fact that I have neigh wrong to say about this ambitious and unique place.