Celebrate two years of Digbeth Dining Club with their infamous street grub

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

digbeth dining club 2nd birthday birmingham

(Photo: Tom Horton) 

A teething toddler this is not, Digbeth Dining Club may be one of the youngest street food collectives on the scene, but with a British Street Food Award and our Best Experience of 2014 under their belts, it's no wonder that they've not only made it two years on the streets of Birmingham city, but they've made one appetizing name for themselves. But heck, you knew all that already.

So how does street food saviour Jack Brabant and his merry band of patty flippin', cocktail mixin', waffle workin' men plan to celebrate their 2nd birthday? Shutting down the street and filling it with fine food? Inviting 12 traders to tamper with your palate? Opening up both Spotlight and Next Door to a selection of live musicians and street artists alike? How about all that and more? You can down right count on it. Hosting their biggest bash yet this August 22nd from 5:30pm until the early hours of the morning, courtesy of a Blackdot afterparty, Digbeth Dining Club's 2nd birthday is set to be a toothsome night on the tiles.

Traders at Digbeth Dining Club's 2nd Birthday include: Platinum Pancakes, Canoodle, Buddha Belly, Original Patty Men, Big Daddies Diner, Low 'n' Slow, Vegan Grindhouse, Pietanic and more.