Cavort in the cool chemical balance of neons this October in Birmingham as raucous rum flavoured beer Cubanisto return for their heralded House of Mask romp in a secret city location. A pop-up party that re-defines the structure of shindigs, House of Mask isn't just a turn up and guzzle kind of gathering, this is a veritable fairground of festivities as Cubanisto not only showcase the brand, they showcase their penchant for off-kilter parties.

cubanisto party house of mask birmingham

(Photo credit: Pippa Rankin) Brazen and bold murals at  the House of Mask make for a menagerie of intriguing urban work, and many a top notch Instagram occasion.

As excitable atoms cuddle one another into the shape neon murals, brilliantly dotted about this industrial plot, party guests will not only commandeer cool bottles of rum-flavoured Cubanisto and a seriously lush selection of street food, there's a mask decorating station for those who fancy making their Cubanisto face masks look a little more crafty and a little less Saw-did. Boasting interactive features, hidden spaces and live DJs on top of all that, Cubanisto are barely keeping their cool this October, they're cultivating the ultimate party compound instead.

House of Mask takes to a secret Birmingham location this October 17th from 9:30-1:30am. Tickets are free.