bottledog birmingham possible opening

The first BottleDog of its kind can be found at King's Cross in London, but how long until Birmingham harbours its own?

Craft beer fans rejoiced when globally infamous brand Brewdog arrived on John Bright Street, but what next for one of the most loveable hop pooches in the city? While we're not ones for idle chit-chat, we are suckers for gluttonous gossip.

A tweet released by Brewdog's main account in June not only alludes to, but practically confirms that Birmingham could be receiving it's own BottleDog in the future. For those unfamiliar with this cool cornershop from the Brewdog brand, BottleDog is an independent space for craft beers around the globe, with their flagship King's Cross store toting a variety of over 250 craft beer bottles, and even boasting homebrew equipment for those bold enough to embark on their own 'moonshine' bottle. While not a new bar by any means, this is a chance for those a little craft beer shy, or already in love with the spirit of specially selected hops to tuck in to. Let's all keep an eye on this shall we, looks like it could be damn delicious?

bottledog rumours birmingham

If the rumours, and tweets are true, then Birmingham could boasts its own BottleDog in only a matter of time.