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New burlesque venue from Medusa Gentlemen's Club

Medusa Lodge

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What they say:

Medusa Lodge will open its doors at the old Route 2 club in the Gay Village of Birmingham. Owner of the current Medusa Gentlemen's Club, Cas Carrington says, "We are going to focus a lot more on burlesque. I think a lot of people are getting a bit bored of lap dancing. We want it to be a place that everyone feels they want to come to...We have noticed it more and more over the years." 

What we say:

Moving from one part of Birmingham to the next, those who brought you Medusa Gentlemen's Club will now bring you Medusa Lodge in the nearby Gay Village. Medusa Lodge will aim to please the female clientele and burlesque lovers with its color scheme and 1920s ambiance. The business of strip clubs have shifted away from the traditional lap dance, creating a void that Medusa Lodge can fill with its burlesque vibe. Medusa Lodge will be the cities eighth club of its kind in the city, down from its height of twelve when Birmingham was known as the lap-dancing capital of the UK.