Clubs in Broad Street

Home to some of the biggest party bars in Birmingham, Broad Street also boasts a small but rowdy bunch of clubs that have achieved notoriety across the entire city. From huge clubs blasting out dance anthems to retro clubs that will have you dishing out those flares in seconds, hardcore clubbers and weekend party animals will find Broad Street clubs a welcome party retreat. Check out the best of Broad Street's clubs right here and plan your next mad night out in Birmingham.

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!


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Friday nights on Birmingham's Broad Streets have an attitude and swagger about them, thanks to Dancehall at SugarSuite. Playing the very best in R&B floorfillers and basslines, Dancehall is a sleek night with even sleeker playlists. Book one of SugarSuite's VIP booths for a champagne tipple in between grinding tracks and outrageous dance moves at this vibrant club. 

The O Bar

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With popular clubs nights four days a week, O Bar seems to be taking Birmingham's club scene by storm. The team behind the venue plate up a treat for the city's young, frivolous crowds, and puts on dazzling show every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. From the bass-thudding sounds of Hip Hop and RnB, to the soulful, smooth melodies of Funk & Soul, you'll definitely a night to match your sparkling personality at this lively Broad Street Club. 


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Revolution Bars have taken over the nightlife scenes in the UK's biggest cities, and as such have amended what we define as a 'great' night out on the town. Offering fantastic cocktails, a great selection of spiced shot-sticks and amazing DJ sets delivered by the city's best, Wednesday and Sunday nights in Birmingham will never be the same again. Frivolous fun takes on a new meaning at this stunning venue.