New bar spy - Livu

Livu a little at this brand new club on John Bright Street


Last updated . By Katie Houghton.


Venue Closed

What they say:

Taking to a space on the John Bright Street scene, Livu is a brand new clubbing experience in the heart of Birmingham. Set to host a West End style of clubbing, Livu are bringing the 'Elite of Birmingham' a taste of top notch partying; a space where exclusive guests and the city's socialites can indulge in a little late night activity. Those with a taste for VIP shingdigs could find a party home in a new club like Livu.

What we say:

Lo and behold, another nightlife venue on John Bright Street, it's just not a glitzy club that were wholeheartedly expecting. Whilst there has been a surge in venues on the John Bright Street plot with Cherry Reds and Brewdog, Livu may seem like an odd fit in a relatively independent plot, but nonetheless, a club promising a little London West End party style? We're excited to see what this new club presents itself as. Keep checking back as we unveil more news about this brand new Birmingham club.