An already overtly popular festival in London is setting up a second party shop, and it just so happens to be in Birmingham? You heard us right. Whilst Wireless Festival, a weekend of pop themed debauchery and globally renowned commercial acts, has always lain its home in the bustling UK capital of London since 2005, there are plans to expand the party empire with a spot in Birmingham this year; and by spot, we do mean heralded two day festival bonanza, but you already knew that.

wireless festival birmingham 2014

Billed as one of the biggest pop parties in the UK, Wireless is changing tact, bringing its bustling event to Birmingham.

Confirmed by festival sponsors Yahoo! and set to be held between July 4th, 5th and 6th, Wireless Festival in Birmingham is set to show the very same acts that London will boast; no half hearted musical shows in store for a festival that will parallel the London event. With a slogan that is already casting light over this new Birmingham festval, 'Three Days, Two New Venues, One Huge Festival', it's exciting to see Birmingham crowned worthy enough to host, but then again, you already knew that.