Thought whisky tasting sessions were reserved for broody middle aged men with a penchant for smoking jackets? Think again lasses! Already aiming to revolutionise and entice Birmingham into a new way of seeing whisky, Birmingham Whisky Club are back with a new batch of tasting events; And it's strictly for the ladies.

Intimidated by the whisky industry even though it's your favourite tipple? Birmingham Whisky Club's Amy Seton is ready to break those barriers down and get Birmingham's women back on the whisky wagon with a fun and informative selection of tasting nights and dram dabbles.

How much longer will women be the minority in the whisky industry? Birmingham Whisky Club have other ideas. 

Kicking off whisky proceedings this October 18th at The Church Inn, 'Whisky Women' and its upcoming events will provide novices the opportunity to leave their preconceptions and husbands at the door for a night of networking, history and fun in a ladies only enviroment. 

And whilst Birmingham Whisky Club Founder Amy Seton is aware of the gaping hole that women have yet to fill, "Having worked in the industry for a number of years now, I have seen first hand that women are still in a big minority when it comes to whisky drinking.", she's more than confident that with this friendly, educational and downright tasty collection of events, women will become more confident with the beverage. And you know what? We'd have to agree with her.