whisky galore electric cinema birmingham

I was young, once, meaning that I have most definitely had a cheeky tipple in the cinema. But what about an evening in Birmingham where they're practically encouraging it?

Joined by Birmingham Whisky Club this June 5th, the city's most elusive vintage cinema will be opening up its art deco decors for an evening of delicious drams and a down right rollicksome movie.

Playing Whisky Galore! on the big screen, guests will not only get their black and white fill of slapstick chuckles and whisky cavorting in Alexander Mackendrick's 1949 classic, they'll be about to sup and savour some of the best in the business as while they're lounging in plush red velvets, Birmingham Whisky Club will be pausing the movie at opportune moments to serve their snippets of their selection. It's like we said folks, they're genuinely encouraging you to scoff spirits in the cinema, don't miss out!