Whilst some of you may question the whole Valentines Day validity, there's a fair few cupids still pulling a sweet surprise this February 14th. But what if this is your first date? The suckers for love that we are, we've come up with a fool proof plan to sail you through that first encounter; BY DOING ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THESE, silly.

Ask to split the bill.

Sure, we live in a modern world and often use small plastic cards to pay for purchases, but you invited me on this date under the premise that it was your treat. I don't mind paying dear, I just don't like false advertising. 

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Forget that not everything at The Jekyll and Hyde is edible.

Bagged yourself one of their sweet Valentines dinners or even a cocktail making session for you and your soon to be beau? Remember that while yes, the Jekyll make some sweet concoctions out of almost anything, include toothpaste and flowers, not every is edible....including that, oh no, no NO...... that tablecloth's definitely not edible.

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Invite your friends over for a quick drink when you see them in the same bar. 

While i'd love to meet your friends, and future love prospects deem it necessary before we go down the aisle, I don't even know what your favourite colour is yet. 

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Get so sozzled that you forget their name.

Hey, so Danieelrgrahatomaaaaaaaas, what do you like to do in your spare time?

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Decide that you prefer the look of the bartenders and DJs at Spotlight.

We get it, they're a downright dishy bunch, but have a bit of morality now would you, your date's right there!

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Order yourself a salad, then insist you want to share the chips.

A great way to start a first date is being honest with yourself. You want a whole pizza, you have a whole pizza. You want chips with ice cream on top, you just go ahead and ask the waiter, just don't go stealing mine, I love 'em.

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Take them to Gatecrasher, at all, ever.

Sure it's a Birmingham party palace and you might think a cheeky little dally on the dance floor after your date could score you brownie points, but you'll only lose them in the mass of bodies and end up sobbing over a £1.50 jagerbomb. 

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