Opinions on Oh Velvet and SugarSuite have been divided for rather a long while. Whilst many sup on the rock bottom drinks deals and flail their arms around in a Saturday frenzy of commercial party hits, many groan of a lacklustre atmosphere, longing for the Rat and Parrot enviroment of days gone by. So what can Oh Velvet and Sugarsuite to do fend of these claims? Change their name? Well, they've certainly done so already, opting for a more glitz laden title of the 'Velvet Music Rooms', but what else can Velvet do to bring themselves back to the bustling party hordes of Broad Street?

velvet music rooms refurbishment birmingham

What do you make of the interior plans for the soon to be newly refurbished Velvet Music Rooms?

Photos have been released of plans for a new and spruced looking Velvet Music Rooms, boasting a brand new VIP balcony, Hollywood style signage and contemporary bar front, bringing what could be a more cosmopolitan feel to a currently lagging bar area of die-hard mahogany. Whilst no other images of Velvet Music Rooms have been released as of yet, we're excited to see another Birmingham bar bear the lovely brunt of what could be a much needed renovation. 

Can the new Velvet Music Rooms escape its foes and rival many of the overtly packed bars on Broad Street? And will its new look and name cater to a crowd that already thrive on its bank friendly bottle prices and atmosphere? Let us know what you think!