Now, most of you will be familiar with the smooth talker that is R Kelly, but how about his Trapped in the Closet series? A tongue in cheek (possibly not to him) musical soap that covers the mishaps and hilarious aftermath of a one-night stand, Trapped in the Closet could be hailed as R Kelly's finest ever work. That's why it was no surprise to find that one of Birmingham's most quirky cocktail bars fancied paying karaoke homage to this cult collection of 'so-dumb-it's-brilliant' tracks.

Voices at the ready, The Jekyll and Hyde promise no less than R Kelly karaoke and creative cocktails.

For a mere £3.50 at The Jekyll and Hyde, you'll be able to embark on a raucous night of sing-a-longs and R&B based hilarity as this Birmingham cocktail bar showcase chapters 1-22. From a specially curated menu to some of the most inventive cocktails in the city, if Trapped in the Closet doesn't get you, the tipples will. Now you may not have his falsetto's or his smoky eyes, but if you feel you can relate to Sylvester's (R Kelly) too hilarious to be true debaucle, then head on down this September 18th and sing your little R Kelly heart out. 

"He walks up to the closet
He goes up to the closet
Now he’s at the closet
Damn he’s opening the closet…

(Just a snippet of the lyrical genius set to unfold)