Who'd have thought that with so sprightly a crowd, so forward thinking a DJ roster and so deluxe a party complex, that The Rainbow Venues had reached one whole decade in age. Entertaining the masses with a sweet 10 years in tow, The Rainbow Venues have cultivated some of the biggest club nights in Birmingham with one of the best entertainment complexes to boot. From live music and raucous house parties to a pub toting retro wares and arcade games, The Rainbow Venues have given Birmingham great party spoils, and are set to continue.

rainbow birmingham party 10 years

Celebrate 10 years of The Rainbow Venues this coming April with one of their biggest parties yet.

Set to down right demolish previous parties with a 10 year blow-out, The Rainbow Venues are planning a two day spread of events for those looking to celebrate a decade of their clubbing wares. Kicking off with an initial party on Saturday 19th April with a line-up and details yet to be announced, The Rainbow Venues are also laying Sunday boredom by the wayside with daytime street and warehouse party on Sunday 20th boasting the set wielding fare of:

  • Adam Shelton
  • Bastian
  • Curses
  • Alex Arnout
  • Gorgon City
  • Lopaski
  • Hannah Wants
  • Scott Bleepz
  • Jon Brady
  • Bleak (and yes, as you can tell, the list certainly goes on).

Keep an eye out for further details as The Rainbow Venues plan to unveil more!