Now we all know that Birmingham doesn't do anything by halves, and one of their biggest clubbing complexes doesn't do that either. The Rainbow Venues in Digbeth have got a treat in store this summer and they're inviting everyone from DJ's to clubbing patrons to get involved. They're going for a Guinness World Record this August 3rd folks and they're not going to hold back. Hoping to smash the record for the 'Longest Club Sessions DJ Relay', this club in Digbeth are inviting DJ's from anywhere and everywhere to get involved in this fun-filled and record breaking affair.

rainbow birmingham

We're holding out hope for this many DJ's at The Rainbow Venues Guinness World Record rally. 

So what's the nicest part about this whole event? Is it the coming together of unique and eclectic DJ's? Is it a grand new opportunity to put Birmingham even more firmly on the UK's clubbing map and possibly even the world's? Well those things are all well and good and pretty darn great, but there's another cause behind this brilliant Birmingham clubbing event. Supporting Balls to Cancer, a charity helping the fight against testicular cancer, The Rainbow will be giving plentiful proceeds to this company and adopting their amicable ethos, 'Fight Cancer With Fun'.

Keep an eye out for this Summer event at The Rainbow Venues, there is sure to be a plethora of famous faces and DJ demons gracing the decks at this unique party in Birmingham on August 3rd.