Brum residents, The Plough patrons and fuzzy faced participants will be lobbing of their lamb chops and taking to philtrum warmers this season to take part in The Plough's live Movember shave-off this November 1st.

Hailed as Birmingham's 'Mo-Hub' for upcoming facial fuzz proceedings this coming November, The Plough are inviting Movember money raisers and participants alike along for a live shave-off to get the face party started. For those of you that know nothing of this Movember lark, it's a month where moustaches get their true time to shine as beards are abandoned for lip warmers, all in the name of charity....and down right dapper style. Planning to help Movember men along their way, The Plough will be taking care of that chin warmer for you in a live shave-off between 12-7pm this November 1st for those that dare to bare their facial hair.

Check back for further event details as one of Harborne's quirkiest bars are planning a whole plethora of other moustache themed events this coming November.