There's been a whisky tasting here, a petite amount of pop-ups and tap take-overs there, but where are Birmingham's amazing food and drink events, highlighting to the goodies that our fair city has in store? Leave that question to ponder your mind no more as a brand new events company based in the heart of the city are planning to bring munching maidens and guzzling geezers a fun selection of food and drink events that will please palates the Midlands over.

Birmingham's set to see a fun upheaval of both fun and bespoke drinking and dining events thanks to the newly flourishing Food and Drink Events Company.

Whilst their launch in February may have been slightly discreet, The Food and Drink Events Company are back with a tasty bang as a collection of post Christmas events have been trickling through at some of Birmingham's coolest joints, including the newly opened The Bureau and Ginger's. From Christmas themed wine and cheese tastings and cocktail clubs to whisky soiree's and chocolate making antics, The Food and Drinks Event Company look to give Birmingham further reason to hoot and holler about their state of food and drink affairs. Check back for more information as this blossoming company introduce something to Birmingham that's been a long time coming, we're hot on it!