Got some old wares that you fancy donating to a better cause? Feeling that it's time to be out with the old and in with the....old, this Winter? Then The Bull's Head have just the event for you this coming October 6th. Teaming up with vintage connoisseur's Make It Marvellous, The Bull's Head will turn into a fun and thrifty swap shop where unloved garms can be swapped for more sought after textile treasures. 

Like shopping, but better, Swap 'Til You Shop promises a fun day of garment switching, cocktail sipping and more this coming weekend.

Starting at 4pm, it's free to visit and just £2 to enter the swap, giving you the chance to swap up to 6 savvy garments or accessories for a a whole plethora of 'new' wardrobe friendly pieces and 'Rummage in the Jungle' giving you the chance to nab two items or just £1. Fanciful pieces get their chance to shine come 7:30pm as the 'Absolutely Fabulous Auction' is exclusively for items deemed too lovely for the swap.

This is no ordinary Swap Shop, however. Not only will there be a plethora of cocktails ready to be slurped and Sunday Social DJs Jim Evans and Jim 'Le Grin' O'reilly on the decks, but Make It Marvellous will be donating event proceeds to to local animal charities and handing abandoned wares to local charity shops; A charity conscious thrift? Warms 'yer cockles!