If the scorching weather doesn't scare you this Summer, The Electric Cinema have something that probably will. Ready to nab your nervous disposition, rustle it up a little and hand it back to you, Shock and Gore prepare for their second year of horror film festival-ing at Birmingham's oldest working cinema. A more fitting venue there is probably not, this vintage cinema will be the venue for some of the scariest nights in Birmingham, and it's not even Halloween yet. 

horror festival

Braver than brave? Shock and Gore are planning on putting those nerves of yours to the test.

From your chance to dine like Hannibal Lecter and spend all night in this heralded, if not creaking, vintage cinema to a Dracula drink-along; The Electric Cinema and Shock and Gore promise horror buffs a selection of some of the finest independent scary movies out with fun, quirky events in Birmingham to boot. Think your nerves are up to it? Then drag your bad zombie self to The Electric Cinema between the 19th and 25th July and prepare for a scare.