You are cordially invited to a meal of.....wait, okay, so we haven't got the foggiest what kind of a meal you're invited to. but that's all the fun of Soul Food Project's Secret Dining Society, where tastebuds are treated to delicacies of whatever the hell takes SFP's fancy. Following on from their previous sell out dining experience, Carl Finn and his merry band of foodie men have once again embarked on another culinary adventure and are inviting those of you brave enough to be in the dark about their menu, to come along.


Whilst you certainly wont go hungry or thirsty at the upcoming Secret Dining Society, you wont know much about the menu either.

Whilst the theme may have been set (EVOLUTION for those of enquiring minds), little more has been announced about menus or location, leaving guests in the not so know about the grub and tipples they'll be tucking into. But don't worry, those of you that hanker for authority will enjoy a band of rules set for the evening, of which include the following:

  • No dietary requirements will be catered for
  • Meeting place and rules will be emailed to you 7 days before the event
  • You must follow the rules given
  • No questions need to be asked, just come

Okay, so we were a little loose when we said 'rules', but nonetheless, Secret Dining Society's upcoming event is sure to be another great adventure in grub. And don't worry, of all the things that Secret Dining Society promise for the night, it's that you will be 'fed and watered' accordingly, and love it, of course. Tickets have now sold out but keep those peepers peeled as SDS are soon to unveil their next upcoming event.