Football isn't coming home silly, it was at The Rainbow Venues all along. Boasting what could be one of the biggest Brazilian endeavours this June in Birmingham, The Rainbow Venues present one of the most unique ways to catch Rooney rumbles and Balotelli bookings. With the World Cup under their wings, The Rainbow Venues host are set to host a 'Fan Fest' where the atmosphere will be on high, and the theme will be no less that carnival cool.

world cup fan fest rainbow birmingham

A 'Fan Fest' for the party hearty and football friendly alike, The Rainbow Venues present the ultimate way to catch 2014's Brazil World Cup.

Hosting shindigs for England's upcoming matches against Italy, Uruguay, Costa Rica, The Rainbow Venues not only promise to show the live games in all their glory on the big screen, they're adding in a few delicious extras for half-time hotties and yellow card yelpers alike. With their Rio theme in tow, expect Brazilian dancers, seriously delicious street food stalls, carnival styled interiors, summer tracks and more as The Rainbow Venues showcase the World Cup in the only way they know how, with top notch tomfoolery and some of the best parties in the Birmingham business. Catch the England games at Rainbow Venues this June 14th, 19th and 24th, or check out the rest of Birmingham's World Cup listings right here.