Purity Brewing land their first bar....and it's in Birmingham!

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

Seeing as they put life back into a set of old and disused Warwickshire barns back in 2010, it's no surprise that Purity Crafting have embarked on a mission to bring craft beer back into Birmingham. Whilst bars like Brewdog and The Victoria are at the forefront of craft beer in Birmingham, it was about time that another homespun craft beer adventure made its way into town. 

Securing a unit on Waterloo Street just by the way of Birmingham City Centre, Purity Crafting have just confirmed that the first of their UK bars will be launched in none other than our very own city. Set to benefit from the footfall of the station and their unique USP, Purity Brewing can expect plentiful and grateful hop guzzlers as soon as they open. 

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Purity Craft Bar look set to stock unique tasty tipples and award winning beverages. 

Massive fans of community spirit and hard work, Purity Brewing are sure to get involved in anything that the city can throw at them. The team here at DMN Birmingham don't doubt that Purity Craft Bar could make its way up the ranks to one of Birmingham's best bars given the right decor and attitude.