Tell them about your ex? The Old Joint Stock wants you to spill!

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

As much as we'd love to hear about your ex, The Old Joint Stock have thought up a great way to put those tales to good use.

Got a soppy story of long lost love to share? Or a harrowing tale of grumpy, messy ex-boyfriends? The Old Joint Stock Theatre is a pub in Birmingham city centre hoping that you'll put heartbreak aside and let loose on tales of past relationships and terrible love interests. Asking their guests and customers to submit anonymous stories about their love based-woes and hilarities, The Old Joint Stock will transform their tales into a play that will make your ex look like a bunny rabbit compared. 

Set to be performed from 3-7th September, Artistic Director Tim Hodgson hopes that the play will be both a funny and somewhat scary insight into the honesty of its guests and their past mishaps. So if you're seething and spluttering over a pint of ale over that ex of yours, cheer up buddy and put that story to good use this September.