We can't app-tually believe that it's finally here!

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

Thanks to a little help from Steve Jobs, our incredibly talented tech team and a penchant for global domination, we thought it right about time to unveil the latest venture for the DesignMyNight empire. Not content with dominating the online nightlife scene, we thought we'd take things mobile this month and unveil the launch of our brand new iPhone app! If you can set an alarm on your phone to brush your teeth and plot a Zombie work-out or record your own Harlem Shake, why not discover some of the best nightlife that's on offer too?

Download our brand new mobile app and discover the best of Birmingham, London, Manchester and Glasgow after dark.

Ready to help you uncover the best nightlife and late-night hangouts in Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Manchester, our iPhone app promises speedy party ideas on the go, all in the palm of your lovely little hands! Download the app today, spread the word and spend even longer on your phone than you already do thanks to the work of those DMN boffins!