Thanksgiving is on the horizon and you've settled down through more episodes of American Dad than you care to admit, but where exactly can you get that American inspired meal to go with your stars and stripes hankering? Reinventing themselves from quirky Jewellery Quarter pub to quirky Jewellery Quarter cocktail diner with an American themed menu to boot, The Rose Villa Tavern have introduced a selection of Stateside inspired dishes that will have you yeehawww'ing your way through a gold rush (literally, the Jewellery Quarter is practically laced in the stuff). 

Be still our beating American hearts as The Rose Villa Tavern's New York hot dog is laced in frankness, because it's a frankfurt, duh. 

Taking all of your favourite yank inspired classics and spurning them into a petite, yet mouth watering selection of dishes, The Rose Villa Tavern could soon be one of the best spots in the city for diner style delights. From New York hot dogs smothered in sauerkraut and mustard, a kilo of Buffalo chicken wings and fries for £12.50 to homemade beef patties doused in Philli cheese and pulled pork (it's 10am, you don't know how hard a feature this is to write), The Rose Villa Tavern have tapped something of a moderately missing niche in the city, and promising local ales and cocktails to boot? Here's hoping for a Stateside resurgence in Brum!

This hearty chow is available from noon (11am at the weekends), seven days a week, so touch base at The Rose Villa Tavern for your fill of American inspired grub!