Who would have known that Moseley was so good at keeping sordid secrets eh? Embarking on their own end of year adventure, Moseley has announced a truly special New year's Eve shindig, but there's a catch; You wont have the foggiest idea of where you're going until the eve of the eve. Keeping things all kind of schtum, Moseley have unveiled all but a few details as to what party punters should plan to expect. Take for instance, the fact that this party doesn't seem to cease until the last man is standing, or that they have waited a generation to use the location for this year's end of year bash. 

Birmingham's most eclectic suburb has announced a premium end of year bash, but you wont know anything about it until the day before.

But, it just so happens that there are a few things that the Moseley NYE All Nighter are willing to let on. Set to be found in an unused Victorian space and oozing with 'love and debauchery', hints of historic vibes and liberal flair are already flowing through in an abundance. And as for the music? Planning to host DJs from Brighton, Birmingham, London, Manchester and more, it looks like this all-nighter is likely to have a few national names on its hands with name dropping the likes of Kool FM Midlands, Spark It studios, Testify and real house already being thrown about the place. 

Whilst we pinky promise to smother you in party details, if and when we get them, one thing is for sure, this could be one of the most outlandish and ground breaking parties that Moseley has ever seen.