As if these shaker wielding warriors weren't churning out enough tasty concoctions as it was, Island Bar have upped the ante when it comes to fanciful flavours and tongue-in-cheek tipples. While many cocktail bars in Birmingham rely on old favourites and simple classics, Island Bar have carefully crafted a mixology minded cocktail menu over the past few months; with dynamic additions and mind boggling flavours to be found throughout.

Unveiled this Sunday to a happily suspecting audience, Island Bar proved their cocktail worth with a selection of inspired and themed cocktails that had the city prying to get their mitts on some of the most unique cocktails in Brum.

The bar's very own Ed Fish coined a tipple for himself in the shape of fruity spiced rum bonanza, Fishcake's Punch.

Island Bar's new cocktail truly caters to all palate's; adventurous souls will be happily schmoozing over the wacky 'Tuck Shop' collection and 'Best Of British' oddities with their 'Something Ain't Quite Right' and Tiki classics paying homage to previous favourites and fruity concoctions. 

Fancying that we know how to spot a good cocktail when we see one, we thought we'd list our very own favourites from the new menu and give you a cheeky insight into the cocktails that will no doubt warm your cockles this coming Winter:

  • Cherry Bakewell - A blend of Amaretto and melon liqueur with almond syrup, cranberry and cream that would make Mr. Kipling blush with pride.
  • Cola Bottles - It may cost more than 1p from your local sweet shop but this unique blend of Gosling's rum and cola flavour is a dreamboat all the way back to childhood.
  • Red, Red Wine - A tribute to none other than UB40 themselves, this is a smacking blend of ginseng sloe gin, blackcurrant and red wine DUH.
  • Breakfast Martini - A twist on 'The Maestro' cocktail with orange, curacao and marmalade served with a slice of real toast, real toast we tell you.