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Some people suffer a slow bartender. Some people suffer a bad bartender. And some people, very sadly, suffer a world without cocktails at all. So how about a robot that takes out the hassle, and serves only with the tipples?

Currently becoming one of Kickstarter's most talked about campaigns, Barobot is a brand new mixology mechanism that could introduce a whole new world of technology to the bar scene. From its ability to maintain the knowledge for up to 1000 cocktail recipes, and even boasting its own app accompaniment (settle down on your sofa, you need only send this nipper a little notification for it to get mixing), to synochronized LEDs and music, Barobot is an out of this world, and a little Austin Powers style approach to mixology. And they only need £91,000 to reach target on their campaign. 

So, will we lose the art of mixology as we know it? No. Is this an expensive and somewhat impersonal way to approach the cocktail craft? Seems like it. Is it great to see the bar industry ever expanding into new and interesting ways to approach customer service? Yes, always. But the question is.....what do bartenders think?