Those with an aversion to pretty colours and happy party people should avert your eyes now. While many may recognise the Holi Festival of Colour as a markedly Hindu tradition; starting at the on the verge of the vernal equinox and celebrating the introduction of Spring, and good over evil, a wholly 21st Century crowd might note this splattering of colour in a different manner. Hosted by Holi One and one of the most unique festival fandango's to date, Holi One is an event that have taken their colourful wares around the world, only to land slap bang in the middle of Birmingham this coming Summer. 

holi festival of colours birmingham

Holi One bring their colourful party wares to The Rainbow Venues this Summer for a day of sun, music and bags of colour.

Set to batter the faces of eager Birmingham party punters with eco-friendly bags of colour this June 28th, Holi One is the first event of its kind in the city; unless you count a brawl in the chalk section of Hobbycraft that is. Spread over 10 hours and hosted by none other than the city's most poignant underground party palace, The Rainbow Venues, Holi One teaches you nothing of the colour wheel, but plenty in the art of fun. From live music and bars, to the beating of Vitamin D on your back and an atmosphere brimming with more colour than The Custard Factory, Holi One is set to boast high-quality colours and party antics the like.