If the rumours are true and the lack of paddling pools in your local supermarket is to be taken as gospel, then it looks like the UK could be getting a three month heatwave on its hands in only the next few months. But how in the ruddy heck are you supposed to settle down in such soaring temperatures? Together, that's how. Picking only the finest of heatwave hang-outs, here are five great ways to get through your sweltering woes.

An ice filled bath.

Sure, as great as a chilly dip sounds in these sweltering temperatures, we've got a better cool-down inducing idea for your moment of sunshine strife. Found at The Jekyll and Hyde, one of the most off-kilter cocktail bars in Birmingham, why not take a dip in 'Madame Genever's Bathwater' where apricot jam, peach schnapps and gin comes served in a mini ceramic bathtub as standard. We did say an ice filled bath now didn't we. 

bath cocktail jekyll and hyde birmingham

Dip your toes in the most delicious bathwater in Birmingham and battle the heatwave, liquid style.

Beer Gardens, need we say more?

We're certainly not being bias, but it's safe to safe that Birmingham has some of the best beer gardens this side of the equator We're talking exterior tiki taverns, vintage dens and rooftop pottering with a little Vitamin D in tow. Can you think of any better way of wiling off that sweaty day in a beer garden with cold brews and charming chums? Naw, we didn't think so either.

clifden birmingham

Heatwave, schmeatwave. See this silly hot weather through at some of the best beer gardens in Birmingham.

A delicious DDC dabble.

One of Birmingham's most infamous street food shindigs, Digbeth Dining Club will keep you fed and watered all heatwave long courtesy of their smashing stalls and stellar vibes. And with some burger trucks toting some of the hottest sauces in the city, you can challenge your chops to a taste hotter than the heatwave itself.

hot dog birmingham summer

Hearty chow and heatwave hang-outs are best found at a street food shindig such as Digbeth Dining Club.

Try the ol' dunk and dip in the Victoria Square Fountain. 

If you get done by the feds for your delicious dip, please don't tell them that it was us who sent you.

victoria fountain birmingham

(Photo source:  Panoramia, Kirill Shalamov)

Schlep on the Factor 50 and take to the beach.

Suck it up buddy, as soon as Autumn comes and you're exchanging Factor 50 for industrial hand cream, you'll be having heatwave hankerings, so why not make the most of this delicious sunshine endeavour and dabble in the exotic temperatures at The Rainbow Venues' make-shift beach. Sand between your toes, party music pumpin' and a race to the only free deckchair on the plot.

heatwave hangouts birmingham

Sun, sand and Strongbow. The Rainbow Venues will be preaching those infamous three words all heatwave long.