Now garnishing gullets since 2013, Goodnight Lenin (The Ale) will put this Brummie band on the boozy map. 

We all know that limited edition merchandise can make your indie faring bedroom a cavern of cool, but how about making your stomach one too? Local Brummie band Goodnight Lenin have gone a step above the rest with their very own branded ale to add to a plethora of t-shirts and bumper stickers. With the help of award winning brewery Purity (who happen to be opening their own Birmingham bar in the near future), Goodnight Lenin have developed a flavoursome little treat for fans that will be run on a limited 100 bottle availability with unique catalogue numbers from label Static Caravan found on each. 

Fancy nabbing a bottle all your very own? Goodnight Lenin will be handing out 50 bottles to the first 50 people through the door at their upcoming Prince of Wales gig this coming October 25th so shimmy on down early to get your hop faring fingers on one.