Where have they been and what the ruddy heck have they been doing? Godskitchen are soon to unveil such behind-the-scenes antics as they have just announced their first event in a long run of absence. One of the biggest clubbing brands on our fair planet, Godskitchen have been on something of a hiatus these last few months, battering down the hatches and cultivating a plan for their return; a return which just so happens to mark Birmingham as their destination. With a dynamic show in store and GK favourite on the roster, Godskitchen have been through heaven, hell and then some to mark their comeback.

godskitchen return to birmingham

Months may have passed, but that doesn't mean that Godskitchen weren't up to anything of a night out nature; introducing, 'Clash of the Gods'.

Set to arrive at the infamous Rainbow Venues this April 26th, Godskitchen have entailed their heralded back-to-back 'Clash of the Gods' concept to stun the city's crowd with a bespoke night, unadulterated event transformation and unique line-up. Set to boast over 40 global acts, 3 boisterous rooms of clubbing debauchery and 6 exclusive sets, even the most club shy of party patrons can't dispel their commitment to a party cause.

The Godskitchen 'Clash of the Gods' line-up includes:

  • Aly & Fila
  • Max Graham vs Protoculture (UK Exclusive)
  • Signum vs Manuel Le Saux (UK Exclusive)
  • Will Rees vs Rhys Thomas
  • Jordan Suckley vs Bryan Kearney
  • and many, many more.