Get your sad little noggin out of the Glastonbury gutter. No, you weren't quick enough to the twenty second ticket draw. No, you still don't know how to pitch a tent properly. And no, you wont be scraping pats off of your plush trainers (what are you wearing trainers for to a festival anyway, you ninny). But, you know what, this does free you up for something ultimately more home-bound, and a heck more affordable. One of the newest venues in Digbeth, and boasting a title of 'Gourmet Eats and Beats, Alfie Bird's are hosting their very own festival style shindig this June in the city. And as far as party title puns go, looks like they got themselves a hole in one.

glastonbrummy festival birmingham

Glastonbrummy: A party title that Birmingham event organisers wish they had been the first to think up. 

An all-out weekend affair this 28th and 29th of June, Glastonbrummy are bringing the festival beats to Alfie Bird's doors for two whole days of field style flirting and party fun. Having already announced acts the likes of Blondie tribute Atomic Blondie and the legendary Colbert Hamilton (known to some as Black Elvis), it looks like the Glastonbrummy line-up is set to be a wholly unique bag. 

Keep checking back for more information as Alfie Bird's announce more Glastonbrummy details in the next few coming weeks.