So, just how long have you been waiting for an event that brings together some of Birmingham's finest independent foodies, drinks curators and local producers? Too long says Dine Birmingham who thought it was right about time that Birmingham had its own event to hail some of the best that the UK's second city has offer. 


Only second to London in regards to Michelin starred chefs, Dine Birmingham have grasped a great opportunity to bring restaurants, independent food suppliers and bars in Birmingham together to boast their gastronomic worth. Hosted at the luxurious Hotel La Tour on Wednesday 26th June, Future Foodies have called on the likes of Digbeth Dining Club and Le Truc to help them along the way. 


Food fairs have a new contender in town thanks to the enthusiasm of Future Foodies

Showcasing their products, drinks and grub to local Brummie bloggers, journalists, savvy social media users and the Birmingham public, Future Foodies looks set to be a three hour belly-tastic bonanza that highlights what this vibrant city has to offer. Who knows where Dine Birmingham plan to take #FutureFoodies, but we know it can only mean great things. 

Here's a couple of great companies to look out for when you visit:

(This event has been organised in  collaboration with The Gastro Card, Yelp and Midlands Food Bloggers).