Digbeth Dining Club returns for 2014

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

You didn't think after all those tummy lovin' evenings of top notch street food and an award under their belt that Digbeth Dining Club would call it a day after 2013 now did you? We pity the fool that doesn't think Digbeth Dining Club will last.....forever. Following on from their crowning as the 'Best Street Food Event' at the 2013 British Street Food Awards, Digbeth Dining Club have another great year in store for you hungry patrons taking to Spotlight on a Friday night in Digbeth.

digbeth dining club birmingham 2014

Following on from 12 months of seriously sumptuous street food and Spotlight parties, Digbeth Dining Club return this February in Birmingham. 

From collaborations with the new Madame Moonshine speakeasy at Next Door to other upcoming special events, it looks as though Digbeth Dining Club are turning the gas up a notch and building one roaring party in 2014. But what do the upcoming Digbeth Dining Club nights have to boast? I mean, you are here for the food after all. The February line-up for 2014 chow includes:

7th February

  • Meatshack
  • Fat Duck Spuds
  • Low 'N' Slow

14th February

  • Big Daddies Diner
  • The Hungry Toad
  • The Jabberywocky

21st February

  • Canoodle
  • The Mexican Bean
  • Esmie's Seafood Kitchen