What's that British Street Food Awards? Digbeth Dining Club winning one award wasn't enough? You want to come back for more.....?!

Following on from last year's roaring street food success as Digbeth Dining Club took home the gong for 'Best Street Food Event' at the 2013 British Street Food Awards, DDC have been asked to host the upcoming regional heat for 2014. Of course, they said yes. Set to take place on May 2nd in The Rainbow Venues arena, this is your plucky chance to vote for the creme de la creme of culture orientated edibles at what's sure to be the biggest street food shindig of the year so far.

 digbeth dining street food awards

 Digbeth Dining Club retain their delicious trait with another street food shindig to show 'em all.

Featured as part of The Rainbow Venues' M.A.D.E festival, this regional heat is set to be a delicious romp across some of the 20 best traders in the Midlands including the likes of The Meatshack, Low 'n' Slow, Bournevilla Waffle Company, Canoodle and many more. As for voting on the day (a pivotal point nonetheless), simply download an app and give your favourite trader a simple tap. But it's not just street food that this regional heat is set to boast; Birmingham's most sultry speakeasy missus, Madame Moonshine, is planning to provide a dapper smattering of live entertainment, kicking this shindig up a notch. From street artists, street food and more, the British Street Food Awards wanted to show, and Digbeth Dining Club are by heck going to give 'em one.