Birmingham is no stranger to off-kilter concoctions, you need only pick the first cocktail on The Jekyll and Hyde menu to discover this, but it just so looks like there could be a new contender on the scene when it comes to mind-blowing mixology in the city. Set to be found nestled in the sumptuous Edgbaston suburbs, there's a new cocktail lounge looking to dazzle and diminish what you once new about cocktails, inviting you for a new and tantalising tipple experience in a part of Birmingham known for its cosmopolitan chefs and upmarket automobile array.

edgbaston cocktails birmingham

'From Cartmel With Love', a sticky toffee pudding and custard concoction with liquor thrown in for good measure.

Set to open to discerning drinkers this May 2nd, The Edgbaston Cocktail Lounge could be one of the slickest new contenders on the Birmingham cocktail plot. Already toting sneak peaks of their upcoming cocktail menu, we've been more than impressed by what The Edgbaston's award winning mixologists have been rustling up for this wholly unique collection. From sought after spirits and quirky concoctions to bespoke classics and sassy numbers, cocktail crooners best take note, The Edgbaston have hit the nail on the mixology head. Come on now, popcorn soda cocktails, we'll be darned.

Our favourites so far include:

  • Carmen Miranda: Reposado Tequila, Giffard Banana Liqueur, fresh lime and mandarin, pineapple sherbet.
  • Silver Screen: Single Malt Whisky, fresh lemon, butterscotch, house popcorn soda.
  • New York Minute: Cafe Tequila, Dubonnet aperitif, Rubis red wine and chocolate, aromatic bitters.
  • Smoke & Mirrors: Single Malt Whisky, Cherrywood smoked PX sherry, Heering cherry liqueur, Mozart chocolate bitters.