Beer you've never seen before? Hops you could never have hop-ed to have tried? Brewdog have all that and more this coming weekend as their collaborative beer festival introduces 12 never before seen beverages to a tasty number of taps across the UK. Wrangling their Brewdog bar teams by the lugholes and shipping them off to local breweries, Brewdog teamed these beer faring men and women for a day of flavour collaborations that would result in each bar conjuring up their very own brew; all to be introduced into their 130 taps this October 19th and 20th.

While these busy brewing beavers may look a little less than hard at work, they've been working a sweat, spinning a unique selecton of beers alongside 12 bars and their Collab-Fest partner breweries. 

But what about Birmingham's addition to the bunch? Joined by Jeff at the local Lovibonds brewery, the Brewdog Birmingham team faced a fiery inner debate over what to brew which cultivated in one final, fiercely made decision: they'd leave Jeff to decide. But in doing what he does best, Jeff conjured up 'Happy Endings' which is said to boast Hersburcker hops, lemongrass, ginger, lime leaves and coriander seeds resulting in a wheaty little number to add to the taps. 

If you're looking to try something new this weekend then head on down to John Bright Street where Brewdog will be serving up the collaboratively created beers from all 12 of Brewdog's UK bars for a limited time only.