Calling all mixologists in the Midlands, you've been invited to try your hand at reinventing a cocktail that will do this traditional French liqueur proud, are you up to the challenge? Now in its second year, the Benedictine Cocktail Challenge has invited premium cocktail aficionado's across the UK to create a new Benedictine inspired tipple. A French liqueur cultivated in 1510 and make up of over 27 different herbs and spices, this melt in the mouth liqueur boasting hints of saffron and caramel is looking to shake things up a little come September.

Can Birmingham bars do this French caramel based liqueur proud and invent a Benedictine based cocktail to snap up the prize?

Taking place on the 16th of September at a den where masters of Birmingham mixology can often be found; the Benedictine Cocktail Challenge will be hosted by the elusive Ginger's Bar in Birmingham city centre, where no doubt their own creative cocktail patrons will be getting stuck in.

So what have you got to work with on the day? Using just 35ml of Benedictine, it's the job of that creative little cocktail noggin of yours to invent something to wow the judges. Based on taste, aroma, brand knowledge and presentation, this is an all rounder with a few cheeky little points thrown in for those that bring a Benedictine bottle cap with them on the day.

Okay okay, we'll also let you in on the information that you're really after, the prize! Joining three other regional winners, you'll be taking your toosh on a paid trip to France in October with a dabble in a cocktail safari in Paris. All that for whipping up a cocktail? If only we had the know how, but you just might.....To enter simply email with your full name, the bar you're from and mention the Birmingham heat!