#Beermarket, the 4 hour hop pop-up

beermarket birmingham pop up beer

4 hours for craft glugging? Sounds enough to us. A brand new pop up on The Square, #BEERMARKET brings craft bottles to the Friday lunchtime crowd.

How much beer can you drink in 240 minutes? Don't answer that, that's silly, irresponsible, and just the amount of time you're given to knock back a few at Birmingham's latest little pop-up. Presented by street food soiree Brum Yum Yum alongside their #LUNCHMARKET, this pop-up hop shop is a four hour window for craft chuggin.

Found open on The Square between the hours of 12-4pm on Fridays, #BEERMARKET is a cheeky little nip-in for craft brews from the likes of Purity, Flying Dog, Dunkerton's and Veltins, and a few glasses of wine thrown in for liquid measure. With crates for tables and walls adorned in pictures of Barack Obama chowing down on a patty, it's an intimate little plot for lunchtime drinks; and we mentioned the pictures of Angela Merkel hunking a burger didn't we? There's more of that.