Now who said festivals had a weekend shelf life? Certainly not Whisky extraordinaire's The Birmingham Whisky Club. Held over the next few summer months, creator Amy Seton and her merry band of merry Whisky men (and women), plan to set your tastebuds alive with a collection of cleverly put together charming Whisky-based events. With thanks to the support of Birmingham's Whisky bars and eclectic venues, there's a whole host to choose from. 

dram fine summer blog

A Dram Fine Summer is Birmingham Whisky Club's biggest set of events yet. 

One of possibly our favourites, and sure to be Brum's, is an event held in none other than the city's very own Electric Cinema. Heralded as the country's oldest working cinema and brimming with whimsical charm, this vintage venue will host a Whisky-along. Set along side the award winning The Angels, you'll be treated to a selection of drams that cleverly accompany this brilliant rollercoaster of a movie.  

But don't let us spoil all the fun, head over to The Church Inn and The Victoria in Birmingham city centre for an even finer selection of tasty Whisky based events that will have you swirling with with belly based joy.