With the creme de la creme of movie stars making their way to Cannes this month, we thought we'd pay tribute to the best movie faring tipples that Brum has to boast. From indie hot shots to box 'o' chocolate classics, here's our collection of five great movie drinks, and where to find them in Birmingham:

1. Bridget Jones' Diary - Chardonnay

The loveable British lass, she may be ever unlucky in love and even rumoured to have put Britain off her favoured booze, but Bridget's commitment to Chardonnay is unparalleled.

Where to find it: Loki Wine, Bar Epernay, The Rectory.

 bridget chardonnay birmingham

(Photo Credit: The Independent)

2. Old Fashioned - Mad Men

Okay, not strictly a movie, but did you see the latest episode!? We think you're going to need a hardened tipple like an Old Fashioned once you're done with it.

Where to find it: The Church Inn, The Bureau, Ginger's.

white russian birmingham

(Photo Credit: Movielifestyle.com)

3. Manhattan - Some Like It Hot

If a lush lady like Marilyn can pull of necking a Manhattan in such sweet succession, with her charm intact, we like to think we can too. Right?.............right?

Where to find it: The Edgbaston, The Victoria, La Cache.

some like it hot manhattan birmingham

(Photo Credit: Prettycleverfilms.com)

4. Midnight Margaritas - Practical Magic

You know what we think, we think we're going to let below's video reiterate the magic of margaritas. Geddit, because it's Practical MAGIC. Insert charming cackle here.

Where to find it: Bodega, Island Bar, The Prince of Wales.

5. The White Russian - The Big Lebowski

The most oddly loveable liquid necking mess in the history of ever. Drink like Jeffrey.

Where to find it: The Vaults, Le Truc, Bohemian.

white russian birmingham bar

(Photo Credit: Drizly)