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Teapot cocktails and cracking burritos? This South American bar in Birmingham has the lot. From its street food vendor decor to its laid-back attitude, Chilacas is a restaurant bar in Brindleyplace with a knack of international charm and the grub to match.

The Venue

Chilacas could not be more welcome at a time in Birmingham where we want to enjoy these precious days of glorious sunshine while we can. You won’t fail to notice the purple and green shop, literally, with the Chilacas name in lights as you stroll around Brindley Place.The seating out front boasts barrel tables and wooden tops; which, whilst you’re sitting with a burrito and cocktail, listening to the summer tunes coming from the place, will transport you to somewhere entirely more exotic.

An interior plastered with Mexican-esque posters and tiles, Chilacas also boasts a quirky tin wall and roof, which just adds to the fun. It feels like you’re inside their van, which can also been seen around town meeting the needs of the hungry!

chilacas bar

Fresh, open and with a touch of Mexican kitsch, Chilacas has the get up and go with the food to match. 

The Food and Drink

Opting for a pork burrito with chipotle sauce, and sharing a tequila tea pot (served in an actual pot with an enamel camping mug!), I'm sure I made the right choice. To quote Snatch, ‘the weight is a sign of the reliability’ when it comes to the burritos as you really get your money’s worth with these giant parcels of Mexican delights. The pico de gallo, in particular, is outstanding and all the food is made from scratch (you can tell). It’s fresh, it’s satisfying, it’s just what you want; and with a choice of 6 tequilas for the cocktails too, I’d whole-heartedly recommend you try the drinks out!

 chilacas brum

 Freshly made and order, Chilaca burrito's go down well with a teapot cocktail for four. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Chilacas is a chilled out little venue; despite the speed at which you’ll go through there. You’ll rock up to the counter, be expertly guided through the choices to make sure your meal is to your exact specification, (just have everything, it’s incredible). You’ll be given your meal on a canteen-style lunch tray, and you’ll be munching in no time. Don’t expect to be sat down for longer than it takes you to eat. This isn’t a criticism; you’ll want to tear into it ASAP.

Chilacas a great bar for students in Birmingham; offering 20% off on Sundays. Perfect for lunch in the office during the week, and great for filling that gap at the weekend when you don’t want to linger over a meal.


 A unique spin on Brindleyplace restaurants, Chilacas is not only vibrant, it's tasty too.


Chilacas is grab-and-go at its best. Compared to the surrounding chain restaurants and bars; it’s a real David and Goliath scenario. An independent with attitude, getting it right. You won’t go to this place just once; you’ll make it a regular feature in your week!