The Bull's Head - Bar Review

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By The Reviewer.

For those of you that live in Birmingham, you’ll know the coolest “suburb” spot at the moment is Moseley and Kings Heath. For those of you that are visiting Birmingham, take this as your lead to jump into a 10 min cab and head out to this exciting suburb. The Bull’s Head is often tipped as one of the best party pubs, not only in Moseley, but in Birmingham. I decided to put it to the test and see what vibe it was giving off on a freeing cold, Wednesday evening.

The Venue

As you step into The Bull’s Head you quickly realize this is no ordinary pub (which is what the front façade may indicate); there is a cool, laid back atmosphere with sofas, low tables and chairs dotted around each side of the square bar. On one side is a golden brick wall, where the DJ is housed as well as a huge live drawing going on, on one of the walls. Who doesn’t love live drawing on a large scale? Effortlessly cool! There is also a small outside court yard out the back of the bar. This is most definitely not a pub but a wonderfully simple but at the same time, super cool bar in Birmingham.

the bulls head review 1

DJ nights make for an effortlessly cool enviroment at The Bull's Head in Moseley.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The atmosphere is where I was won over; even on a Wednesday in Birmingham, the DJ was pumping out some awesome tech house with some party tunes mixed in, for the masses. It was by no means a club atmosphere with everyone up and dancing but more a place to enjoy great music while still managing to kick back, drink and chat to your mates (that’s not to say that there weren’t some people throwing some awful shapes around the place!). I was also told that on weekends, it is like a mini club/DJ bar with top notch music and a real party crowd. As Moseley tends to be where the majority of young professionals live, this is the crowd you can expect in The Bull’s Head. I’m sure some cooler students hit this part of town too on the weekend but it is definitely a fun-time party crowd (not of 18 year olds).

bulls head review 2

Live art and music make The Bull's Head one of Birmingham's more independent venues. 

The Drinks

They are what they are here. You don’t come to The Bull’s Head for fine cocktails or exclusive spirits. They have a good selection of beer, wine and spirits all at reasonable prices. A round of 2 pints, a rum and coke and some shots came in at a very reasonable £13.


I was certainly not let down by the recommendation to check out The Bull’s Head. There really is something so enticing about a bar that doesn’t try too hard but manages to create a great atmosphere with everyone seemingly enjoying themselves. Whether you want a lively mid week drink or crazier weekend party I cannot recommend this place high enough.