Mo Dough Mo Dough, less problems. Moseley receives new pizza and craft beer bar
Alcester Road, Birmingham, B13 8JP
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What they say:

Taking home in what once was The Cross, Mo Dough is a brand new  pop-up bar and restaurant in the heart of Moseley. From authentic wood fired pizzas and a top notch selection of craft beer to cocktails, laid back dining and live music every night, Mo Dough is one of the first venues of its kind in Moseley. Boasting hearty white, palate decked interiors and high class fare, Mo Dough are hoping to invigorate Birmingham's penchant for pizza.

What we say:

It's just like they say: Mo Dough, less problems. Whilst The Cross was a charming Birmingham boozer, and many will be up in arms about seeing it go, it's great so see so unique a concept being flagged in Moseley. We too have a penchant for pizza, but with Bar Room Bar the only other plot in the city, it's nice to know that Brummies now have options, super tasty wood fired ones. And hey, ho, what do you dough, there's also craft beer and specially cultivated cocktails for those with a more refined hop favouring palate.